DickBTeachThe Cadeting ministry takes time, energy, lots of prayer for the Lord’s guidance, and certainly some perseverance, but God also promises lots of joy to those who are obedient to Him.

A typical club meets once a week for a two hour meeting from September until May — with a few breaks for holidays of course. Some clubs choose to meet every other week or their meetings are just an hour and a half — it varies on the circumstances. In addition, most clubs have weekend fundraisers and campouts throughout the cadeting season. A counselor must also figure in some time for gathering resources for projects and preparing the Bible lesson for the meeting night. The final component in a counselor’s schedule is education/training.  If his club is part of a council there will typically be a monthly council meeting where workshops will take place and he will receive information on upcoming council events. Counselors from independent clubs can use Counselor Aid booklets or the Counselor Education Video Series for their training. And all counselors should take advantage of annual conventions and regional conferences for inspiration and education that will make them more effective in their ministry.

Yes, it’s a relatively big commitment when you choose cadeting as a place to serve the Lord, but the blessings are abundant for those who help boys grow more Christlike in all areas of life!