biblelessonSo you’re probably curious what are the things that need to happen for you to start a club. The six steps below will give you an overview of the process. When you contact the Cadet corps (Step 3) and receive the info packet you will receive the “Starting and Organizing a Cadet Club” booklet which will give you a more detailed description of how to set up and run your club.

  1. Take a look at the foundational constitution to the cadeting ministry and see if you and your church agree to these statements of faith.
  2. Review your program choices. Select a program button to get more info on that program. It is pretty difficult to get several programs going the first year you have a cadeting ministry in your church. Most will begin with one. The R•P•B (Recruit•Pathfinder•Builder) Program for boys grades 4–6 is the most popular choice, but not far behind is the Junior Cadets Program for grades 1–3. If you have plenty of personnel to staff your programs (one counselor per 4-5 boys) you may be able to swing into more than one program to begin. More input from the Corps staff (step 3) may help you to decide which program best fits your needs.
  3. Contact the Cadet office and talk to someone on staff. They will send you an “info packet” and talk to you about what club start-up resources are available to you. It may be possible for you to get a first-hand look at a club. The staff can tell you if there is another club in your area that you can visit or find an experienced counselor in your area who can visit you. There are also educational videos available that provide a good overview of the programs and ministry materials.
  4. If things seem to be falling into place and you are ready to begin your Cadet club, you will have to fill out the Annual Club Registration Form. You can register one of two ways. Any club can register as a Calvinist Cadet Corps Club — if you are an independent club (not a part of any council) you can register as a Christian Cadet Club. Send either form to the Corps office in Grand Rapids. The Cadet Corps executive committee will review the application and inform you of its acceptance. Club registration is an annual requirement and must include a fee of $40.00. To give your club a first year financial boost, the forty dollar registration fee is your only financial obligation, but after your first year there is the additional requirement of an annual offering from your sponsoring church.
  5. Once accepted by the executive committee, you will fill out a club information form.
  6. After registering you are going to need to order some supplies. A Supply Catalog and The Starting and Organizing a Cadet Club booklet that you received in your info packet (step 3) will help you with that process, but if you want to see the type of uniform or materials available you can look under the “supplies” tab on the counselor resource section of our website.