The foundation of the Cadeting ministry is a counselor who knows that his strength to do ministry is from the Lord. The organization diligently provides materials and training, but emphasizes that all these resources are useless unless the counselor is in a healthy relationship with his Lord and Savior.

The Training Network: TC — RTCs — DCEs:

The clubs and councils are out there doing the real work of cadeting.
The DCEs (Developers of Counselor Education) serve and support the clubs and councils.
The RTCs (Regional Training Coordinators) serve and support the DCEs.
The TC (Training Coordinator) serves and supports the RTCs and DCEs.

DCE: Developer of Counselor Education
Are you committed to helping your local counselors be the best they can be? With a recommendation from your council, you can apply for acceptance in a training program that provides you with the tools to educate other counselors.

Our Training Pages
We are constantly expanding a list of online resources — workshops (video, powerpoint, and outlines), regional training event information, and other news as to where training is happening. In order to access this information you must be a registered counselor and have registered with the Corps office.