Some of the people who are excited about assisting you in your Cadet ministry.
The people pictured below are the people you are most likely to talk to when you have questions regarding the Cadet ministry. Bob, Becky, Russ, Kim, Sarah, and Steve (L to R) are your Cadet corps staff. Either Kim or Becky will be the first to field your call (616-241-5616 ext. 4) or email and handle questions about orders, registrations, finances, and general club information and will be happy to pass along information to or get you in touch with Steve, Bob, Sarah, or Russ.

A Little About the Staff

Steve Bootsma (back right) – Executive Director • It’s Steve’s job to oversee the day to day operation of the Cadet organization on your (the counselors’ and boys’) behalf. Program material, periodicals, international camporees, educational opportunities (conventions, training workshops, and training materials) are either produced or coordinated through the office staff and Steve is right there to see that the “stuff” that you need is available.
Bob deJonge (back left) – Art Director • Bob is the media person. He has his hand in most printed, web, or video production for Cadets. He works out of his home in Spring Lake, Michigan.
Sarah Stuitje (front right) – Office Manager / Assistant Graphic Designer •  Sarah spends a lot of time on producing materials (Clarion newsletter, Counselor Editions of Quest Bible lessons, some of Cadet Quest magazine, and program material updates), and oversees the information, supplies, and billing services of the organization.
Becky Baker & Kim Keller – Secretaries • Becky (front left) and Kim (back middle-right) have many tasks, including keeping all the club and financial records up-to-date, and seeing that supplies are shipped out to the councils and clubs. They answer the phone, take orders, answer questions, work on mailings, and greet any visitors to the Cadet office. They also proofread any copy that the office produces. Becky and Kim stay very busy!
Russ Roozeboom (back middle-right) – Marketing and Promotions • Russ contributes to our marketing and promotions efforts, encouraging the growth and effectiveness of the Cadets ministry.
Training Coordinator • A part-time employee of Cadets whose job it is to oversee the counselor training network. Our current Training Coordinator is Dick Broene. You can contact him for information on training opportunities in your area.

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If you have questions about supplies that you are ordering through the Canadian Supply center you will probably be talking to Sharon who answers the phone, and Janina who takes Cadet supply and uniform orders. Sharon and Janina (photo right) are employed by deJong Enterprises to handle Cadet business in Canada.


Decision Makers
Who determines the course of the Calvinist Cadet Corps? The staff you see here? No. Their job is just to serve. If you are a counselor — you help decide the Corps future. A counselor can submit the proposal to the board of the council to which he belongs and they in turn can send it on to the executive committee. The Corps executive committee only checks to see if there are sufficient grounds for the proposal and that it doesn’t violate the C.C.C. Constitution. If it meets those criteria, it will be brought to the floor of Congress and be voted on by this decision making body. If the proposal is accepted by Congress, it is the duty of the staff to develop or change any program materials and assist in any procedural or structural changes called for by the proposal. The Cadet Corps relies heavily on many men and women who volunteer their time. For example, there are thousands of volunteer hours that go into making the International Camporee and the International Convention such successful events. One volunteer, in particular, serves the organization in a key role. The Corps president presides over the executive committee, making sure that they stick to their task as administrators of the organization. Our current president is Dave Mast (photo left). It is the dedication and servant spirit of people like Dave who make the Cadet ministry possible.

E-mail the Cadet staff or for phone/FAX/address information click here.
If you belong to an independent Cadet club (clubs that are too geographically isolated to be part of a council) the Cadet organization has a special person to assist you – Bert Bakhuyzen.