Voyageurrafting2This program can be a really exciting one for both boys and counselors. The concept is that the counselor picks an interest area that is particularly close to him. Maybe he is an avid backpacker, or maybe a custom furniture craftsman, or maybe an auto mechanic. But whatever his interest, he can develop that interest into a learning experience for the boys. A typical club will meet on a weeknight at the counselor’s home or shop. The group will spend some time in Bible study and, of course, the project. It is not unusual for the project to be a year-long endeavor. In the case of a backpacking group, they may spend eight months planning and training, leading up to a one or two week summer backpacking trip. Because of the independent nature of this program and the dependence on a counselor’s expertise, it’s up to you to design voyageurboyhelmetyour program, but the Cadet Corps will assist you in structuring your program and guide you in your search for resources. This assistance is in the form of on-line materials. Providing materials on-line helps the CCC provide you with the latest in resource strategies and structural/organizational tools. If you are a Calvinist Cadet Corps member club, you are welcome to use these materials as you see fit, but you may not reproduce them for sale to other individuals or organizations. The CCC would also like these on-line Voyageur pages to be a place of sharing ideas and success stories so that other clubs may benefit from your experience. If you have resource help, hints on working with boys in this age group, or a cool story about how God is using the program, please let us know so we can post it on this site.


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