Don’t miss this exciting coed curriculum for four- and five-year-olds! This curriculum will help lay the foundational blocks of faith into the life of a child. Each lesson is designed to help children know God better and understand that when we know Him, we want to act and behave in ways that please Him. Using a learning center approach, children will travel around to different centers to examine the character qualities of Jesus and discover that they want these same qualities in their own life — “I want to be like Jesus.”


2190 • Kingdom Kids curriculum consists of 25 lessons in a three-ring binder. This includes the counselor helps and reproducible pages for the children.KingdomKidsMaterialW3

2193 • Kingdom Kids sticker packets. There is a strip of five stickers for each lesson. The children attach these stickers to a paper that leaders may reproduce from the curriculum. One packet is needed per child.

2194 • Kingdom Kids CD is a two-disk CD loaded with praise songs that the children will love. The curriculum lists song suggestions from the CD for each lesson.

2192 • Scruffy (the dog puppet) is an integral part of each lesson. He is used to keep the children’s attention as he helps the leader share the main points of the lesson. He has a heart in a pouch which holds the memory verse for each lesson. As the children discover the verse that Scruffy has in his heart, they learn that it’s important to keep God’s Word hidden in their hearts too.




Kingdom Kids Year II

2196 • The Kingdom Kids year II Leader’s Guide


2197 • Sticker Packets One packet of these colorful stickers is needed for each child in Kingdom Kids Year II. The stickers are used with the reproducible sticker sheets included in the leader’s guide and allow the children to creatively retell the story.kkstickers

2198 • Grampy Gramps Bear Puppet • Year II Grampy Gramps Bear is the adorable puppet used in the Year II curriculum to help kids learn each Bible verse.kkgramps

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