There is a lot of enthusiasm on the part of young boys to begin their journey through the Cadet programs. They’ve heard their older brothers or older boys in the community talk about the campouts, crafts, Bible lessons, and service projects, and they are READY! Junior Cadets taps this enthusiasm with a “hit the ground running” type of program. The materials are comprehensive but concise. They are designed to effectively channel the energy of boys in grades 1–3 (ages 6, 7, and 8-year-olds). Clubs meet weekly or bi-weekly, with some clubs meeting after school and others in the evening.JrCadetSanding




Junior Cadet Bible Lessons
Bible lessons that keep the boy involved in the lesson and promote interaction between Cadet and counselor.
We have three sets of lessons:

Junior Cadet Guidebook
Landmarks, rank advancement requirements, and merit badge information that encourages the Cadet to be thoughtful and thorough in completing his work.

Junior Cadet Counselor Manual
All the information necessary to assist the boys in doing their work on the Bible lessons, merit badges, and rank advancement. Plenty of craft and game ideas to round out the activities during your meetings. General information on ministering to boys, as well as preparation and organizational materials.

Other Resources
Clarion newsletter for leaders/counselors,JrCadetsFoosball
counselor education workshops at annual counselors’ conventions, council sponsored regional conventions, and monthly council meetings

Contact us to order sample materials. Indicate in the e-mail subject line which program you are interested in. e.g. Junior Cadets, R•P•B , etc.