This is a tough age for a boy. He’s somewhere between being a kid and being a man. Christian adult male role models are critical at this age and this program is a great place for “boys” to find them. Using the same type of outdoor adventure and project activities as the R•P•B program, but with a more in-depth approach, the Guide Trails program seeks to develop the character and spiritual depth that is needed to prepare boys for being young adults. Seventeen project booklets are available for the boys to choose from on a variety of topics, including: money management, cars, carpentry, aerospace, and discipleship. They are designed to take 2 to 4 months to complete. When doing project work, the typical Guide Trails group will meet in the same location and on the same evening as boys in the R•P•B program, but often this group will plan and enjoy their own special activities. Ideally, each Guide Trails group will consist of four or five boys and a counselor. Clubs will meet weekly or bi-weekly, usually for 1-1/2 to 2 hours on a weekday evening.


Guide Trails Guidebook

  • Loaded with information about the program, landmarks, and rank achievement requirements

Guide Trails Project Booklets

There are project booklets available in the following interest areas:

Guide Trails Counselor Manual

  • Helps for each project booklet, information on ministry to boys, and preparation and organizational materials

Other Resources

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