Points to Ponder

  • Growing up in a family that loves the Lord is a tremendous blessing, but let’s face it, there can be times when a boy needs to talk to a mature Christian who is not a parent.
  • In a perfect world, every Christian home would have a father, but unfortunately sin has caused families to break apart and many families that are a part of the church family are headed by single mothers.
  • Where will tomorrow’s Christian leaders come from? Does the church play a part in nurturing leadership skills in the young people who are a part of the body?
  • Sports dominates the social scene of many schools. What about the boy who may not be interested in sports? What about the boy whose gift is working with his hands more than crunching numbers in an algebra class? What about the boy who finds inspiration in God’s natural world – inspiration that leads him to write, draw, paint, sculpt, or photograph?

Cadeting Has an Answer
Cadeting provides many experiences and offers many opportunities that help fill the gaps in a boy’s Christian upbringing. The adventure of outdoor activities, the hands-on projects, the mentoring role model of a Christian man, all serve to build strong members of the body of Christ. This is a goal of the cadeting ministry.

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JeromeLessonThere are many boys in many neighborhoods who want to belong — they want to feel a part of something — they want to feel like they have accomplished something — they want to feel like someone cares about them. The cadeting ministry has the ingredients to fill those needs. Cadets offers a “club” atmosphere. Uniforms and routine help to instill a healthy pride in its members. Cadets offers merit badges and certificates to honor achievement. Cadets offers a safe haven where good behavior and productivity are expected. Cadets offers a mentoring relationship with a Christian man who will take interest in each of the five or six boys in his cadre. Churches throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Kenya have found that cadeting is an effective first step in reaching out to unchurched families. Inviting the families and friends of the Cadets to special Cadet-related events allows you to break down barriers between the church and the community. The Cadet organization offers community flyers that can help you make the initial contact with boys in your area. Distribute them door to door or use them as part of a mailing.

Review the ministry programs available

Contact us for information on starting a Cadet club

Below are links to two PDF docs that indicate where Cadet councils and Independent clubs are located. Cadet councils are groups of clubs in geographic proximity that form an association for the purpose of mutual support in areas such as counselor education, special events for the boys, sharing materials and resources, and fund-raising activities. But some clubs are more isolated and not able to be a part of a council. These are called independent clubs. The Corps Staff works hard to support and serve them. There is a staff person whose sole task it is to keep in touch with them and represent them at Congress, the Corps governing body. We do not provide specific club locations on our website to ensure the safety of the boys that attend those clubs. If you Contact us and we can verify that your request is genuine we will give a local club your contact information so that you can get the information you need about cadeting in your area.

Cadet Council Map

Independent Club Map

Councils that maintain their own websites:
Southern California
Three Rivers
Berean East
Berean West
Pine Ridge
Blue Mountain
Rush Creek
Grand Rapids
Grand Valley
St Clair
Bear Creek
Maitland Valley
Huron & Erie

Here are a few of the many churches who have clubs — take a look at their websites for an idea of how the ministry is in use across North America

Midland Park Christian Reformed Church — Midland Park, New Jersey
Bethel Christian Reformed Church — Acton, Ontario
Christ Presbyterian Church — Goodyear, Arizona
Calvary Christian Reformed Church — Lowell, Michigan
Escondido United Reformed Church — Escondido, California
Prairie Lane Christian Reformed Church — Omaha, Nebraska
Flamborough Canadian Reformed Church — Flamborough, Ontario
Bozeman Christian Reformed Church — Bozeman, Montana
First Christian Reformed Church  — Lynden, Washington
First Christian Reformed Church of Edmonton — Edmonton, Alberta
Bradenton Christian Reformed Church — Bradenton, Florida
The Illiana Cadet Council — Chicago Area
Wesleyan Church of Orchard Park, New York

The ministry of Christian men mentoring boys has moved beyond the borders of North America.

The Cadet organization has “brother clubs” in Australia and New Zealand.

We are also reaching out to boys in Africa with clubs in Kenya and Uganda.

Recently a church in Ukraine has started a club.