Points to ponder BoyWorkWithCouns

  • Growing up in a family that loves the Lord is a tremendous blessing, but let’s face it, there can be times when a boy needs to talk to a mature Christian who is not a parent.
  • In a perfect world, every Christian home would have a father, but unfortunately sin has caused families to break apart and many families that are a part of the church family are headed by single mothers.
  • Where will tomorrow’s Christian leaders come from? Does the church play a part in nurturing leadership skills in the young people who are a part of the body?
  • Sports dominates the social scene of many schools. What about the boy who may not be interested in sports? What about the boy whose gift is working with his hands more than crunching numbers in an algebra class? What about the boy who finds inspiration in God’s natural world – inspiration that leads him to write, draw, paint, sculpt, or photograph?

Cadeting Has an Answer

Cadeting provides many experiences and offers many opportunities that help fill the gaps in a boy’s Christian upbringing. The adventure of outdoor activities, the hands-on projects, the mentoring role model of a Christian man, all serve to build strong members of the body of Christ.This is a goal of the cadeting ministry.

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